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If there's one segment we look forward to all year it's this one. Raising Girls aims to help ensure that all girls feel pride in who they are and understand the power they have to be unique individuals, who can make a difference. Sharon Chambers-Gordon and her fabulous team do an incredible job of empowering young girls, make your New Years Resolution to volunteer, donate or do both! For more information visit: raisinggirls.org. - CityLine

Sharon Chambers-Gordon, Founder & CEO of Raising Girls shares how they distribute care bags to girls and teens in the South Sound area. - CityLine

Sharon Chambers-Gordon, Andrea Smith and Amanda Scott-Thomas, from Raising Girls talk about the important role the organization plays in our community, and the BECU People Helping People Awards. - CityLine

Want to make a difference in our community? Then volunteer with Raising Girls. Want to be a hero? Make a contribution to Raising Girls that will make a difference in a young girls life. Sharon, Shawn and Renee join CityLine to explain how you can support Raising Girls. - CityLine

Sharon Chambers-Gordon, Cheri Warner and Sharon Winesberry, from the Raising Girls talk about the important role the organization plays in our community. - CityLine

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