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Raising Girls addresses hygiene insecurity and period poverty by providing essential products to students and young adults in the Puget Sound area. As a trusted community resource, we partner with schools and local organizations to distribute care bags to those in need. We believe that timely and reliable access to hygiene and period supplies is vital for the health and well-being of our young people.

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Sharon Chambers-Gordon

It started with my mother Mary, our small-town community organizer, letter reader, money changer, church minister, and caretaker of so many. She taught me how to care about people at a very young age. I remember her putting supplies in a basket and sending me off to a neighbors’ homes to deliver everything from washrags to body lotion. She also had a beautiful way of tying the kitchen towel in a decorative knot when she sent me with delicious meals.

Working in our community I hear stories about challenges and triumph, need and plenty, access and barriers, haves and have-nots. There are many girls in our community who do not have access to daily care products to refresh themselves as they go to school and being outside of their homes. Imagine the stigma attached to “not smelling good” and being told so to your face regularly.

Raising Girls aims to help ensure that all girls feel pride in who they are and understand the power they have to be unique individuals, who can make a difference. We provide necessary hygiene products to girls in the South Sound, while partnering with local organizations committed to serving our youth.

By donating items for Raising Girls to distribute, you make it possible to eliminate humiliation, promote pride and share love to thousands of girls in our community!

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